NI43-101Pre-Feasibility Study Report - page 144

Rare Element Resources
Bear Lodge Project
Canadian NI 43-101 Technical Report
October 9
, 2014
10135-200-46 – Rev. 0
HREE-enrichment at the Carbon and Taylor targets, and district wide zonation of
LREE and HREE are discussed in two Rare Element Technical Reports (Noble et al,
2013, and Larochelle et al, 2012), and in an Rare Element news release dated
August 4, 2011.
Table 9.1 - Bear Lodge Project Exploration Target Areas, 2004 through 2012
Target Area
Bull Hill
(includes Bull
Hill West and
Bull Hill SE
West flank of
Bull Hill
NW to N trending dike swarm, drilled previously by
three Hecla holes. 144 new core holes (2004 –
2013) delineate system of dikes, veins, stockwork;
additional radiometric and soil surveys, trenches,
and surface samples indicate mineralization.
(Deep Bull Hill
Southwest of
Bull Hill, west of
inferred West
Bull Hill Fault”)
Postulated REE-mineralized carbonatite plug
beneath stockwork carbonatite carapace, IP
anomaly at depth; multiple Rare Element, Hecla, and
Molycorp drill holes intersect FMR/CBT stockwork
and veins at shallow to moderate depths. Two deep
holes (2010) intersect dense CBT/SBT dikes,
breccia, and stockwork at depth; possible down dip
projection of dikes at SW Bull Hill, and/or plug
Bull Hill
1,000 feet (300
meters) north of
Bull Hill deposit
High-grade REE-mineralized dike or dikes first
intersected by Hecla drill hole WP-2. Approximately
18 core holes (2007-2011) indicate presence of
northerly trending, steeply-dipping narrow dikes,
hosted primarily by trachyte
and phonolite.
500-1,000 feet
meters) west of
Bull Hill NW
deposit and
1500 feet (460
meters) NW of
Bull Hill deposit
Strong REE mineralization in FMR and Ox-Ca dikes,
veins, and stockwork, with a coincident radiometric
anomaly. Tested by Hecla drill hole WP-1, and
USBM shallow holes. Approximately 62 core holes
(2010-2013) indicate N to WNW trending, steeply
dipping narrow veins, and widespread disseminated
stockwork zones, hosted primarily by diatreme;
moderate HREE enrichment.
800 feet (250
northwest of
Whitetail Ridge
Area coincident with previous Au target areas;
selected intervals from 2 RC holes (2010) contain
strong REE mineralization within FMR veins and
stockwork and localized silicification; hosted in
syenite breccias and phonolite; 5 core and 6 RC
holes (2011-2012) confirm strong REE
mineralization and indicate HREE enrichment.
2,500 feet (700
meters) west of
Bull Hill deposit
Area coincident with previous Au target areas:
selected intervals from 1 RC hole (2010) contain
strong REE mineralization within FMR dikes, veins,
and stockwork hosted in trachyte-phonolite; 7 core
holes (2011) confirm strong REE mineralization and
indicate HREE enrichment.
(John Ray et al, 2014)
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