NI43-101Pre-Feasibility Study Report - page 152

Rare Element Resources
Bear Lodge Project
Canadian NI 43-101 Technical Report
October 9
, 2014
10135-200-46 – Rev. 0
sites in order to confirm the dike swarm on the southwest flank of Bull Hill. Permitting
restrictions through 2009 limited access to roads and sites along the drainage areas.
Beginning in 2009, drilling at Bull Hill was focused on a grid with 100- to 200-foot
spacing. Drill holes were oriented at 045º azimuth and inclined to the northeast, along
045º fences or sections of holes in order to delineate the north-westerly, generally
vertical to southwest-dipping dike swarm. Other orientations drilled in 2009 included a
northerly-directed hole (RES09-08) and a westerly-oriented hole (RES09-11).
In 2010 increased access to previously restricted areas was allowed with specified
operating and reclamation requirements. The improved access led to more closely
spaced infill drilling in the Bull Hill resource area. The Bull Hill NW target area was
identified in 2010 and nine holes, mostly at an east-west orientation, were drilled to
test the developing model of northerly trending dikes in that area. Orientations of drill
holes in the Whitetail Ridge resource area were largely at a 045º azimuth. However,
the dominant orientation of the mineralized bodies was still incompletely understood.
Modeling suggested a north-south orientation for the southwestern quadrant of
Whitetail, with a northwesterly trend for the remainder of the stockwork mineralization.
In addition, several un-surveyed historic drill sites were reoccupied and drilled.
In 2011 continued drilling in the Bull Hill resource area focused on step-out holes to
the south and west of the main dike swarm, some of which also provided infill
intercepts of deeper parts of the dike swarm. Emphasis was also placed on testing
possible extension of mineralization across the valley, southwest of Bull Hill. The
majority of drill holes were aligned along the 045º/225º grid. Several holes were
drilled perpendicular to the 045º sections to test for east to north-easterly structures
and veins. A fence of drill holes directed to the northwest (315º azimuth) was
completed in the Bull Hill West target area, west of the Bull Hill drainage. One hole
was drilled to the southeast (135º azimuth) in the northern third of the resource, east
of the drainage.
Core drilling in 2012 was focused on the Bull Hill, Bull Hill West, and Whitetail Ridge
areas. The 2012 Bull Hill/Bull Hill West program had multiple purposes involving
further infill drilling to upgrade the Bull Hill measured and indicated resource, as well
as to test the lower grade vein and stockwork mineralization at Bull Hill West. This
was accomplished by locating sites at Bull Hill West, further to the west than in
previous drilling, while staying on the 045º fences and drilling shallow angles to the
northeast in order to test and expand the main Bull Hill dike swarm. A total of 31 core
holes totalling 28,211 feet (8,598.7 m) out of the total 2012 program were completed
in this development phase of drilling. Whitetail Ridge drilling was directed toward
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