NI43-101Pre-Feasibility Study Report - page 577

Rare Element Resources
Bear Lodge Project
Canadian NI 43-101 PFS Technical Report
October 9
, 2014
10035-200-46 - Rev. 0
Chapter 12
Rare Element obtained the geological, exploration, and drilling data package from Phelps
Dodge and Newmont, covering most of the work done on the property by a variety of
companies and claim owners through 1996.
Dr. Jeffrey Jaacks of Geochemical Applications International Inc. (GAII) conducted a review
of the results for the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) program used in rare
earth element assaying for the Bear Lodge exploration drill programs.
Dr. James Clark, former Vice President of Exploration and a co-author of one of the earlier
technical reports, supervised work conducted by Hecla and Rare Element, and attests to
the verification of the data. Dr. Ellen Leavitt, a Qualified Person for purposes of NI 43-101,
supervised the on-site work on REE exploration from early 2010 through 2011, and she has
attested to the verification of those data. Richard Larsen and John Ray, both Qualified
Persons for purposes of NI 43-101, managed aspects of the 2012 and 2013 exploration
and development drilling programs. The author attests to the quality and accuracy of the
data for purposes of this report.
Chapter 13
SGS Minerals Services has conducted the most recent bench-scale and pilot-scale testing
programs for the PUG plant and the most recent bench-scale and pilot plant testing
programs for the Hydromet plant.
(SGS Screening Report 2014)
REO Recoveries at PUG Plant in Years 1-9 and Years 10-45, provided by
Composite Summary
Tables & Figures provided by (Kasaini, 2014)
Representative Mine Life Composites
Separation of REOs by Screening at ¼” Bull Hill High Grade
Hydrometallurgical Flowsheet complete with recycles
Tables Provided by (SGS Lakefields, Canada, 2014)
Head Grade of Composites,
REE Extraction at Leach and Precipitation Plants
Average Annual Production of Waste Streams, provided by Roche Engineering, 2014
Ore Sample Identification Table, provided by (RER HQ/PQ Drilling Reports 2011-2013 )
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