NI43-101Pre-Feasibility Study Report - page 575

Rare Element Resources
Bear Lodge Project
Canadian NI 43-101 PFS Technical Report
October 9
, 2014
10035-200-46 - Rev. 0
Chapter 6
M.H. Staatz of the USGS documented results of the work in Professional Paper 1049D,
entitled “Geology and Description of Thorium and Rare Earth Deposits in the Southern Bear
Lodge Mountains, Northeastern Wyoming” in 1983. The report concludes that “the Bear
Lodge disseminated deposits have one of the largest resources of both total rare earths
and thorium in the United States”.
Chapter 7
Geologic Setting & General Geology of Bear Lodge Mountains, (Modified by Karner, 1981)
Geology of the Bear Lodge District, provided by (Modified from Staatz, 1983)
Summary of Bear Lodge Project Formations and Lithologies, provided by (Modified after
Meyer, 2002)
Geology of the Bear Lodge Project area, provided by
(John Ray, Rare Element Resources
Zonal REE Mineralogy in the Bull Hill and Whitetail Carbonatite and Derivative Dikes and
Veins from the Surface to Depth, provided by (Noble et al, 2013)
Schematic Cross-Section of the Bull Hill Dike and Vein Swarm (Looking N45W, provided by
(Rare Element Resources 2013)
Oxide Zone REE Mineralogy Distribution of the Bear Lodge REE District, provided by
(Modified from Noble et al, 2013)
Chapter 8
“The USGS stated that the Bear Lodge Mountains contain one of the largest deposits of
disseminated rare earth elements (REE) in North America” (Staatz, 1983)
Locations of REE Resource Areas, Bear Lodge Deposits and REE Target Areas, provided
by (John Ray, Rare Element Resources 2013)
Plan View of Drill Hole Traces and Mineralized Intercepts Projected to the Surface,
provided by (A. Noble, Ore Reserves Engineering, 2013)
Thorium and Uranium Abundance, provided by A. Noble 2014
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