NI43-101Pre-Feasibility Study Report - page 555

Rare Element Resources
Bear Lodge Project
Canadian NI 43-101 Technical Report
October 9
, 2014
10135-200-46 - Rev. 0
24 Other Relevant Data and Information
24.1 Potential By-Products and Additional Revenue
The Bull Hill ore contains minor amounts of other minerals that could potentially be
recovered. In addition, the process produces valuable by-products in the form of
ammonium nitrate solution, calcium chloride and a thorium rich precipitate. Market
studies have not been completed regarding the sale of these by-products.
Rare Element will need to complete a detailed investigation into the production and
marketability of potential mineral by-products that could provide additional revenue for
the Bear Lodge Mine.
The by-product recovery unit could be located within the Hydromet building located at
the Upton processing site.
The hydrometallurgical process that has been developed by Rare Element has lower
cost and produces a more pure combined rare earth oxide product that is very low in
thorium content when compared to competing hydrometallurgical processes.
In addition, separate environmental and regulatory requirements may need to
considered before implementing the recovery of some of these by-products.
24.2 By-product Recovery - Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Chloride
High-purity ammonium nitrate and calcium chloride are by-products that will be
produced by the hydrometallurgical process. In this pre-feasibility study, it was
assumed that these by-products would have zero value.
A preliminary investigation into the value of these byproducts indicates that the
ammonium nitrate if sold as a fertilizer would have a grade of 20-0-0.
A market study should be undertaken to identify potential consumers of ammonium
nitrate and calcium chloride, the annual tonnage of each compound consumed, the
specifications for each compound that need to be met, the location of potential
markets and the price that is being paid for each compound.
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