NI43-101Pre-Feasibility Study Report - page 13

Jeffrey A Jaacks
Geochemical Applications International, Inc.
8493 East Foxhill Place, Centennial, CO 80112
I, Jeffrey A Jaacks, do hereby certify that:
I am a self-employed Geochemist/Geologist with Geochemical Applications International, Inc., 8493 East
Foxhill Place, Centennial, Colorado, 80112 and carried out this assignment as author/reviewer.
This certificate applies to the Technical Report titled
“Bear Lodge Project Canadian NI 43-101
Technical Report on the Mineral Reserves and Development of the Bull Hill Mine, Wyoming”
with an effective date of October 9, 2014, (the “
Technical Report
”) by Rare Element Resources
Ltd. (“
Rare Element
I graduated from the University of San Diego, California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Chemistry with a Specialization in Earth Sciences in 1979 and from the Colorado School of Mines
in Golden, Colorado, with a Doctorate in Geochemistry in 1984.
I am a Certified Professional Geologist with the American Institute of Professional Geologists
(CPG# 11249). In addition, I am a:
a. Fellow and Past President in the Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG),
b. Member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG)
c. Member of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG).
I have practiced my profession as a Geochemist/Geologist continuously since 1980, for a total of
34 years. During that time I worked as:
a. a geochemist/geologist for several major mining companies,
b. as a Chief Geochemist for several of those companies,
c. and for over 15 years as an independent consultant in the fields of exploration
geochemistry and economic geology, including standards development and quality
assurance and quality control programs for exploration and mining.
I have read the definition of “Qualified Person” set out in National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”)
and certify that by reason of my education, affiliation with a professional association (as defined in
NI 43-101) and past relevant work experience, I fulfill the requirements to be a “Qualified Person”
for the purposes of NI 43-101.
I am responsible for the preparation of Chapter 11 of the Technical Report based upon
information provided by Rare Element Resources and on discussions with Rare Element
Resources representatives.
I have visited the property several times, the most recently on May 21-22, 2014.
I have had prior involvement with the property that is the subject of the Technical Report. The
nature of my involvement included preparation of Quality Assurance program review Chapters for
several previous Technical Reports, development of certified reference materials for the project,
and establishing and reviewing of the Quality Assurance Programs from 2009 to the present.
I am independent of the issuer, Rare Element Resources Inc., applying all of the tests of Section
1.5 of NI 43-101.
I have read NI 43-101 and Form 43-101F1, and Chapter 11 of the Technical Report has been
prepared in compliance with the instrument and form.
At the effective date of the Technical Report, to the best of my information, knowledge and belief,
Chapter 11 of the Technical Report contains all scientific and technical information that is
required to be disclosed to make the Technical Report not misleading.
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